This old picture shows a very important moment for the area.

The picture dates back to the 1930s when something of significant historical importance was discovered in Dorchester.

If you guessed that this was the Roman Town House being excavated in Dorchester then well done! You do know the area well.

The Roman Town House was discovered, almost by chance, in 1937 during an archaeological dig.

The County Council had bought the land at Colliton Park to build a new County Hall and this led the team from the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society to make a historical find – at least eight buildings were discovered of which the Town House was the most important.

The house dates back to 4AD. It's made up of two separate ranges forming an L shape around a small courtyard.

Dorset Echo:

You can see two hypercausts with external stoke holes, a window, stone columns and an excellent mosaic under the covered building.

Here's a wonderful photo of this hidden gem of the county town in the snow.

Dorset Echo: Picture: Kev WestmancottPicture: Kev Westmancott

The best thing about it is a visit to this absorbing piece of county town history is absolutely free and can be combined with a stroll around where the town’s old walls once stood in South Walks and West Walks.

A remaining segment of Roman wall can be seen near the Top O’Town roundabout.