These pictures show a sight on Portland described as a 'visual disaster'.

The last of the Mere Farm oil tanks were demolished in 2008. The tanks were originally built for the Royal Navy between 1907 and 1913.

In more recent times they were used to store fuel for homes, businesses and ships.

These pictures, courtesy of Portland author and historian Stuart Morris, take a look at the oil tank farm's construction on its 10 acre site.

Mr Morris has charted the island's history in a series of books over the years and has an extraordinary collection of images of Portland.

But though he has witnessed many changes over the years back in 2008 he wasn't sorry to see the tanks disappear.

He said: "They served a function but I don't think anyone will be sad to see them go.

"Visually, they are a disaster and must have given a terrible impression of Portland to anyone travelling to the island for the first time."

The site was purchased from Portland Port by the borough council using funding from the South West Regional Development Agency.

Once the tanks were gone Osprey Quay was further expanded ahead of the 2012 Olympics.

Despite some not liking the view of the oil tank farm, members of our nostalgia Facebook group We Grew Up In Weymouth and Portland say they miss the sight of the tanks.

Vivien Castle says: "That was a big part of Portland, along with the Naval base. . They were the good old days."

Mike Jolliffe tells us: "They should still be there, along with the air station, Naval base and HMS Osprey."

For Zenia Shackleton, seeing the oil tanks meant she was close to home: "The fairy lights in Weymouth as you came around the top of Ridgeway was "not long now" and the oil drums was "5 minutes and we're home". This was always said as we came back from being away. For so many hours it was "how much further is it". And this meant home."

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