Here's yet another old picture of this area to get your grey matter working to see if you can guess its location!

We've removed the photo caption at the bottom.

This rather impressive spacious street with a very open view to the horizon is relatively empty.

You can see a pedestrian on the right strolling along outside some homes with distinctive bay windows.

Guess the location of another old photo of Dorset here.

There's also a horse and cart in the distance and more pedestrians outside what looks like some shops with their shutters up.

This old picture, courtesy once again of the Andy Hutchings Collection, shows a village which today is the largest centre for this location.

This place has shops, two churches, a central square with gardens, various pubs and even a supermarket today!

If you guessed that this old picture is of Easton on Portland, then well done, you do know the area well.

Here's a picture of how the same view looks today.

Dorset Echo:

Cars now dominate the view and you can see the bus which travels between Portland and Weymouth making its way off the isle. The charming Portland stone alcove we could see on the front right of the old photo is sadly no more.

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