Can you recognise this local hall from this old image?

We have another old picture of a building in this area for you to guess the location of.

This building was built on the site of an earlier National School that provided the first formal education for children from this area.

You can guess the location of another old picture in this area here.

It's in a well populated part of Weymouth and this building has a large high ceilinged hall and a smaller parish room available for hire to the community.

The building, which has been open since 1907, is funded mainly by its rental income and some support by local activities such as an annual Christmas street fayre.

The building is owned and administered by the Margaret Chamberlaine Institute.

If you guessed that this is a picture of the Wyke Regis Memorial Hall in Weymouth then well done! You do know the area well.

Here's a picture of how the Wyke Regis Memorial Hall looks today.

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