Here's another old picture from the Andy Hutchings photographic collection for you to guess the location of.

It's a beautiful little cove at the far end of some gardens that not so many visitors to this area know about.

It's made up of sand, shingle and rock pools and is just half a kilometre from an urban centre.

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More recently a new bridge was constructed here following the demolition of a 73-year-old concrete bridge.

And a promenade here was only opened as recently as 2003.

If you guessed that this was an old picture of Newton's Cove in Weymouth, then well done! You really know Dorset well.

As you can see from this more recent photo of Newton's Cove there is a lot more greenery now and you can only see a glimpse of a couple of houses instead of the very open view of a row of houses as you can see in the old photo.

Dorset Echo:

Of course, the major change is the new promenade where crowds are enjoying the weather.

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