THE story of notorious World War One femme fatale Mata Hari will be told on stage in Briantspuddle on Saturday.

One hundred years after her execution on the outskirts of Paris, performer Katharine Mary gives a compelling portrayal of the Great War spy.

The show, brought to Dorset by the rural touring arts company, Artsreach, will be performed at Briantspuddle Village Hall on Saturday, November 11.

An Artsreach spokesman explained: “The Dutch exotic dancer Margaretha ‘Gretha’ MacLeod, otherwise known as Mata Hari, has been synonymous with female sexual betrayal.

“Convicted by the French of passing secrets to the enemy during the war, Mata Hari’s prosecutors labelled her as ‘the greatest woman spy of the

century’, responsible for sending around 20,000 Allied soldiers to their deaths.

“Hari’s status as both a foreigner and a divorcee, who was unrepentant about sleeping with foreign officers, made her a perfect scapegoat in 1917, and now a century later Company Gavin Robertson brings this fascinating story to life in a compelling new show.”

Call 01929 471002 for tickets to the Briantspuddle performance on Saturday. It starts at 7.30pm

The show will also be performed at Sandford Orcas tonight, (01963 220208), Winterborne Stickland tomorrow (01258 880920) and Studland Village Hall on Sunday (01929) 450 2014.