AFTER Marion Mussell's memories of forgotten Dorchester street Charles Street, we were pleased to hear from Louise Crocker.

Marion, nee Tetsill, remembered a Mr Crocker who was the only person who owned a car in the street, where the houses were knocked down in 1989 to make way for retail development. Mr Crocker was the brother of a Mr Henry Crocker, she thought.

Louise got in touch to let us know that the Henry Crocker mentioned was in fact Harry Crocker.

Harry's son is Louise's husband Philippe, who has been in the hairdressing business in Dorchester since 1970.

Louise said: "The dance band was very well known in the 40s, 50s and 60s and they were at one time awarded a cup by the Melody Maker, which my husband still has.

"Harry and his wife Phyliss ran a tobacconist and sweet shop for about 40 years in High East Street which is now a flooring shop from 1938.

"My husband ran his hairdressing salon from the same premises from 1996 for 18 years - he is now in Durngate Street. Thought you may find this interesting..."

Thanks to Louise for these Dorchester memories.