Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here talking about house plants and flowers this week.

We were talking about how we both have plants in our homes.

I, William have an amaryllis and a narcissus in my room at my parents house, which I received for Christmas last year. I like them a lot. The narcissus has grown very fast and is really big now. At my flat I only have plants on the balcony, a hosta and cactus, which I look after.

As for me Emily, we generally have flowers in the house. At the moment I have some pink roses in my room, as I wanted some to cheer me up (even if they are dying now). I just said to Mum, please buy me some cheap flowers, and she got me those, which were lovely.

At the moment we have got loads of flowers in the house, mostly daffodils and tulips, which friends got for us. It’s nice because they are different colours, also some have leaves which are kind of droopy and others are tall.

I am going to take the peace lily William gave me for my birthday into my new home when I move later this year.

It’s really nice to see all the daffodils around, especially around Poundbury at the moment. It’s also lovely to see snow drops too.

It’s also nice to give people flowers. It can be hard to remember what people’s favourite flowers are. I, Emily, can remember my Mum’s but can forget what my friends like.

I, William, will hopefully go back to work at the garden centre soon. There will be loads of flowers in trays as it’s early March when people start buying them. I like this time of year as there are so many different flowers around, and different colours.

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