A JACK Russell was rescued after falling from cliffs at Anvil Point, near Swanage, on Saturday afternoon.

The pooch, whose name is Spot, was reported missing by his owner at 1.52pm, having fallen more than 30ft over the cliffs near Tilly Whim Caves.

Despite the distance he fell, the small dog managed to get onto a ledge, and was initially recovered by a climber, who had put the dog in a backpack, ready to take him back up the cliffs.

But Swanage Lifeboat, who launched to the incident just after 2.05pm, were on scene within five minutes, taking the dog onto the boat and back to dry land.

RNLI crew member, Becky Mack, said: "Spot was a bit shaken and had a few scratches but otherwise seemed to be okay.

"He was very friendly and his owners were very relieved when we handed him over."

A spokesperson for the RNLI crew said: "His owners were brought to collect him by the volunteers from Swanage Coastguard and they were reunited.

"The owners were advised to take Spot for a check-up after his adventure as he fell a long way into the water."

It is not known how Spot came to fall over the cliff.

Earlier this year, coastguards issued advice to dog owners after a similar incident in Dorset.

"Always keep your dog on a lead whilst walking on the cliffs as most dogs, especially smaller ones, cannot see the cliff edge, and never, ever attempt a self rescue."