HISTORY fans can step back in time today to mark the 100th anniversary of the first tank attack.

A virtual Mark I tank will be positioned near Linsay Road in Bovington today, and visitors can take a look inside and out, and even take pictures.
It can be viewed through a free app, developed by World of Tanks publisher and game developer Wargaming, which has teamed up with the Tank Museum to honour the memory of pioneering British tank soldiers.

The app – available on iOS and Android – works in the same way as the popular Pokemon Go game, which gripped the nation’s imagination earlier this year.

Users can experience life-size augmented reality Mark I tanks in places across the UK, as well as view 360 virtual reality films of tanks in action.

Markus Schill, general manager at Europe Wargaming, said: “History is part of Wargaming’s DNA. We wanted to use all that technology has to offer to give everyone a new way to rediscover history, tanks and facts of the First World War. 

"The Tank 100 App will allow you to virtually see the first tank on the battlefield or see a life-size model of the Mark I – or view a smaller version pop up on a desktop.”

CEO of Ballista Digital, Tom Clifford, added: “We are very excited about working with Wargaming to create this opportunity for tank enthusiasts to ‘virtually’ experience the Mark I tank. The app will help bring the story of the development of the tank to life, and is the start of an ongoing experience that will track the history of the tank through the 20th Century.”

Future versions will have additional First World War and later 20th Century tanks to coincide with key anniversaries. The augmented reality 3D model tanks will also be enhanced to allow users to interact and take control of the tanks themselves.