POLICE are investigating after a shocking video emerged showing a motorhome barging a vehicle off the road while overtaking it.

A video clip posted to the Facebook group Dorset Idiot Drivers Exposed shows a motorhome colliding with a 4x4 vehicle on a single lane country road in north Dorset in an overtaking manoeuvre described as “extremely dangerous”.

It happened on Spread Eagle Hill near Compton Abbas.

In the clip, the motorhome driver waits for an HGV and pick-up to pass and then starts to overtake the Nissan 4×4.

But the impatient driver, struggling to build up any speed and facing a head-on smash, veers left and crashes into the 4×4, almost causing it to drive off the road.

The motorhome manages to get to safety just in time as a car passes in the opposite direction.

The 4x4 driver manages to regain control of their vehicle despite being hit, and the motorhome speeds off.

The clip has been viewed more than 25,000 times since it was uploaded to the Facebook page while the actions of the driver have been slated by bosses of road safety charities. 

A spokesman for road safety charity Brake said: “Overtaking on single carriageway country roads is a huge risk and one that ultimately just isn’t worth it. 

“Why risk it and rush? You could cause a devastating, high speed, head-on crash that ends lives and ruins others.

"In spite of this, a significant minority are still taking the risk and performing this aggressive and selfish manoeuvre.”

A spokesman for the AA, who looked at the footage, described the driving as ‘extremely dangerous’ – and urged the footage to be passed onto the police. 

They added: “It would have been far worse if the vehicle had been a normal car instead of a 4x4 because the driver could have lost control of the car and ended up in the opposite carriage of the road and subsequently be hit by an oncoming car.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “We are aware of the video and officers are making enquiries to identify the driver and will take appropriate action.”