Drivers and pedestrians are warned there is flooding on Commercial Road in Weymouth. 

This morning's high tide has caused flooding and there are large amounts of water across the road near Lower St. Alban Street.

A flood alert was issued to the Weymouth Harbour area and will remain in force for the two hours following high tide this morning, forecast at 8am. 

A flood alert means 'flooding is possible' and residents should 'be prepared'. 

An alert has also been issued to areas surrounding Weymouth rivers and streams which will be in force throughout the day. 

Water levels in the River Wey, Preston Brook and River Jordan are rising and are forecast to exceed bankful conditions. 

Flood warnings - which are when flooding is expected - were issued across the coastal areas yesterday including Lyme Regis Harbour, Portland Harbour and West Bay Harbour.

The warnings are in place for the two hours following the morning's high tide, forecast for 8am.

Despite the warning, Portland Beach Road remains open.