Dog fouling along a path in Chickerell has been described as 'unacceptable' as one resident calls for dog owners to take responsibility for their pets.

Debi Roberts has lived in the area for 37 years and said the problem of dog fouling, specifically along the path by Willowbed Hall leading up to Chickerell Primary School, has been getting significantly worse.

Ms Roberts said: "We do have a dog warden who is often in the area but even with their help dog fouling is simply becoming unacceptable.

"If you walk along the path there is dog faeces everywhere, either just left on the pavement or put in bags and carelessly tossed to the side.

"It's a rare occasion when I can walk down that path and not come out with dog mess all over my shoes.

"My daughter has not long had a baby and when she comes home her wheels of the pram are covered in dog mess. It's appalling.

"I have contacted the council several times about the issue, but it's catching them when they do it.

"It is bringing the area down, that path is known for being 'the path with all the dog mess' and that's not how we want our town to be viewed.

"The problem could so easily go away if people simply picked up after their pets. I know a lot of people do but it is just those few who think 'I can't be bothered'. There are signs along the path and there are bins in the area, it's not difficult to pick up after your pet."

Cllr Alan Thacker, West Dorset District Council’s portfolio holder for community safety and access, added: “This area is known to us and we regularly patrol this specific area due to the location of the school and play area.

"Dog fouling is a serious matter and any owner caught letting their dog foul without picking it up can be issued with a fixed penalty notice. This area is regularly patrolled, however when a warden is not present on the scene, we request that local residents assist us by reporting owners that do not clear up after their dogs on 01305 251010 or visiting”