YOUTH theatre is coming to town when Weymouth Drama Club Curtain Raisers perform a play about transgenerational trauma.

The Ceasefire Babies will be performed at the Warehouse Theatre, Weymouth, on Friday February 16 and Saturday February 17.

The play, written by Fiona Doyle, is one of 10 brand new plays written especially for Connections by a selection of the best playwriting talent in the UK.

Fiona said: "I’m interested in the nature of transgenerational trauma – how one generation passes trauma to another, causing unhealthy cycles of conflict and violence to continue.

"How is trauma inherited in the post-conflict countries where peace is often fragile and tensions continue to lurk just beneath the surface, waiting for the opportunity to reignite?"

How do we form our allegiances and beliefs? Do we make our own decisions, or do we inherit them? Can a cycle of ideology and disagreement be broken? And who can take the first step?

The annual bonfire preparations are underway; Mikey’s coming home from the Centre and his sister Jamie cannot wait. But there is change in the air and not everyone’s ready for it. Jamie wants to reignite her father and uncle’s old conflicts, but Mikey and their friends must decide whether to take hold of their own destinies, or allow the ghosts of the past to dictate their futures.

National Theatre Connections is one of the UK’s largest celebrations of youth theatre. Plays are commissioned for and about young people, from some of the best contemporary playwrights, and performed by schools and youth theatres all over the UK and Ireland.

Cast member, Ruby Pruden-Medus said: "Bringing Ceasefire Babies to life has been a really enjoyable and collaborative experience - from staging the scenes, to creating the props and choosing the script. The play really stood out to us for many reasons; it's character development, varying levels of tension, engaging plot and dialogue all make for an exciting performance."

Weymouth Drama Club Curtain Raisers will be performing The Ceasefire Babies by Fiona Doyle at The Warehouse Theatre, Hope Street, Weymouth DT4 8TU on Friday February 16y at 7.30pm and Saturday February 17 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm as part of National Theatre Connections - a nationwide celebration of new plays for young people. The play is suitable for ages 14 and above. For tickets contact the box office at

For further information about Weymouth Drama Club Curtain Raisers email or to find out more about National Theatre Connections visit