Good Morning Britain’s resident medical expert Dr Hilary Jones has accused Britain of being a “weak nation” following the new coronavirus Christmas rules. 

Speaking on Wednesday morning’s instalment of the ITV1 breakfast show, Dr Hilary issued a message to viewers ahead of the festive period. 

In discussion with presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid following an interview with with Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford.  

Reading the day’s newspaper headlines he warned that three households being able to mix is too “large” a number and likened controlling the virus to losing weight.  



He said: “ I think controlling the virus is like trying to control your weight. 

"It is easy to put weight on - but it is difficult to lose it and get the weight off. 

"It is easy to increase the transmission of the virus and it is hard to get it back down again. 

"Having this holiday at Christmas - people meeting for five days, hugging each other, cramped into rooms with poor ventilation. 

"It is going to undo so much of the good work which has already been done. 

"I think the majority of our viewers are with us on this. It is going to undo that good work. 

"I look at the newspapers today - headlines saying 'Bubbles for Christmas in UK deal'. 

"We are talking about a deal. Are we really such a weak nation that we cannot wait a few more weeks? 

"We can control the virus better, wait for the vaccine and look forward to normality next year."