Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make a televised address tonight outlining the steps to tackle the rise in coronavirus cases, with Parliament set to be recalled to sit on Wednesday, Downing Street has said.

The Prime Minister’s televised address is expected to take place at 8pm on Monday.

A No 10 spokesman said that the move was in response to the “rapidly escalating” numbers of infections following the emergence of the new variant.

The statement, to be made at 8pm on Monday, will be followed by the recall of Parliament on Wednesday so MPs can debate the measures.

A No 10 spokesman said: “The spread of the new variant of Covid-19 has led to rapidly escalating case numbers across the country.

“The Prime Minister is clear that further steps must now be taken to arrest this rise and to protect the NHS and save lives.”

What could the Prime Minister announce tonight?

Threat level increased to 5

The BBC reports the UK’s coronavirus alert level could be upgraded to five, meaning there is a risk of the NHS being overwhelmed.

This would suggest we could see a full national lockdown, similar to March, where everyone will be asked to stay at home.

Tier 5 lockdown

Boris Johnson has already warned Tier 5 lockdown rules could be introduced as the Government reacts to the rapid spread of coronavirus across the UK.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning he said: "It may be that we need to do things in the next few weeks that will be tougher in many parts of the country.

"I'm fully, fully reconciled to that.

"There are obviously a range of tougher measures that that we would have to consider.

"I'm not going to speculate now about what they would be, but I'm sure that all our viewers and our listeners will understand what the sort of things... clearly school closures, which we had to do in March is one of those things."

School closures

Speaking during a visit to Chase Farm Hospital in north London on Monday, Mr Johnson said: “It’s very important to understand that back in March, one of the things I look back on with the greatest misgivings was the closure of primary schools because it’s so important for young people to get an education.

“That’s why closing primary schools is, for all of us, a last resort. That’s why we are looking at everything else we can possibly do to avoid that.

“I would stress schools are safe and the risk to kids is very, very small.”

Meanwhile scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have warned: "Our estimates suggest that control measures... are unlikely to reduce the effective reproduction number R to less than 1, unless primary schools, secondary schools and universities are also closed."

The Prime Minister is expected to address the closure of schools during Monday’s televised address to the nation.

More businesses could close

Some non-essential retailers are still able to open under Tier 4 and Tier 3 measures. It is likely businesses currently allowed to open under government guidance could be forced to shut if stricter measures are enforced.

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Households mixing

Under current Tier 4 guidance you can meet with one other person from another household.

There are exemptions for special instances like childcare and support bubbles but if tougher restrictions are put in place, we could see a ban on the mixing of households.

Nationwide Tier 4 restrictions

We could see nationwide Tier 4 restrictions which would mean a "stay at home" message is in place apart from for work, healthcare, childcare and exercise.

Household missing will be limited to one person from one other househould outdoors.

Non-essential shops would have to close as well as gyms, cinemas and hairdressers while people are not allowed to travel abroad if they live in Tier 4 areas.