Boris Johnson will lead a Downing Street press conference on tonight (Monday, March 29) at 5pm.

The press conference will take place at 5pm and the Prime Minster will be joined by medical advisors, No 10 has said.

The conference will be available on all major news channels including BBC News and Sky News, as well as live streams via YouTube and other social media channels.

The press conference comes as England eased lockdown restrictions even further today as part of the Prime Minister’s road map.

The easing of restrictions will see the “stay at home” order come to an end, with the government instead asking to “stay local” where possible.

Rules on social contact and outdoor activities will also be relaxed, giving people more freedom to meet up since the strict national lockdown was imposed in early January.

Here is what Boris Johnson is expected to say:

New slogan

The Prime Minister said he hopes the easing of lockdown restrictions will “kick-start a Great British summer of sport” with sports stars teaming up with the Government to encourage physical activity as lockdown eases.

A new slogan was unveiled to coincide with this and stress the importance of meeting outdoors: “Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air.”

Dorset Echo: Boris Johnson. (PA)Boris Johnson. (PA)

Rule changes

Boris Johnson will outline the rule changes that will see lockdown restrictions eased further today.

People will be allowed to meet outdoors either in a group of six, or as two households.

This includes meetings in private gardens, as well as outdoor public areas, making it easier for friends and family to meet outside.

People who are in a support bubble will count as part of the same household, but those who are not should continue to socially distance from each other.

Outdoor sports facilities, such as tennis and basketball courts, golf courses and open-air swimming pools, will also be allowed to reopen from 29 March.


The Prime Minister will urge the nation not to “overdo it” as lockdowns are eased in England.

Speaking on Twitter Mr Johnson said: This is the next part of our roadmap to ease restrictions cautiously.

“As the vaccines are rolled out, it’s vital that we don’t overdo it and risk all the progress we’ve made.

“Please follow the new rules carefully so that we can gradually get back to normal together.”

Concerns of new wave

Boris Johnson has said he is wary of the prospect of rising coronavirus infection rates but sees “absolutely nothing in the data” to halt the easing of the lockdown.

The Prime Minister acknowledged cases could again spiral as restrictions are relaxed, with the “stay local” order having ended in Wales and larger outdoor meetings being permitted in England from Monday.

But he said on Saturday that the “key difference” this time is that the rise in prevalence should be “sufficiently mitigated” by the successful vaccine rollout.

Problems in Europe

On Twitter Boris Johnson explains: “You won’t be able to go abroad on holiday yet because we don’t want people to bring back new variants of the virus when they return.”

During a discussion at the Conservatives’ virtual spring forum, the Prime Minister said that a “third wave” is being witnessed in parts of Europe and “bitter experience” has taught him that this could hit the UK “three weeks later”.

“The question is – is it going to be, this time, as bad it has been in the past? Or have we sufficiently mitigated, muffled, blunted the impact by the vaccine rollout?” he added.

Pubs, hairdressers and high streets

Dorset Echo: Pubs are expected to reopen for outdoor custom on April 12. (PA)Pubs are expected to reopen for outdoor custom on April 12. (PA)

Non-essential shops and the hospitality sector remain closed however Boris Johnson remains optimistic that the rest of the country will reopen as planned in this road map despite concerns over Europe infection rates.

Mr Johnson, however, remained optimistic that his roadmap to easing England’s restrictions can continue, saying there is a “good chance” of allowing non-essential retail reopening on April 12, when hairdressers are also earmarked to reopen.

“In just a few days’ time, I’m finally going to be able to go to the barbers,” he said in a subsequent speech.

“But more important than that, I’m going to be able to go down the street and cautiously, but irreversibly, I’m going to drink a pint of beer in the pub.

“And as things stand, I can see absolutely nothing in the data to dissuade me from continuing along our road map to freedom, unlocking our economy and getting back to the life we love.”