Boris Johnson’s lockdown road map is “at risk” as minister has warned as lockdown restrictions ease across the UK.

The warning comes as the government’s lockdown exit strategy gathers pace.

From today, the second phase of the first stage of the Prime Minister's road map will begin. 

The easing of restrictions will see the “stay at home” order come to an end, with the government instead asking to “stay local” where possible.

Rules on social contact and outdoor activities will also be relaxed, giving people more freedom to meet up since the strict national lockdown was imposed in early January.

The Prime Minister will address the nation today when he leads a Downing Street press conference in light of the new rules.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Johnson urged Brits no to “overdo it” on Monday morning as lockdown restrictions ease.

He said: “This is the next part of our roadmap to ease restrictions cautiously.

“As the vaccines are rolled out, it’s vital that we don’t overdo it and risk all the progress we’ve made.

“Please follow the new rules carefully so that we can gradually get back to normal together.”

As outdoor sport is given the green light in England, sports minister Nigel Huddlestone echoed the Prime Ministers warning saying that No 10 will "trust in the common sense of the British public to a very great degree".

Mr Huddlestone said today was "a really big day for millions of people across the UK just dying to get back to the things they love".

He said: "I think most people understand and respect the rules and actually the common sense of British public is prevalent, and I think will prevail.

"It's really important that people think about themselves and their loved ones and the health and safety of their loved ones when they conduct any activity.

"The message is very, very clearly outdoor is much safer than indoor, please don't put yourself or your family at risk. We've experienced Coronavirus now for over a year, most people know the law.

"So we really do need people to stick by the law, because otherwise the roadmap is at risk. But we don't want it to be at risk, as long everybody abides by the rules."

He added: "It is a roadmap. Those key milestones will be looked at very carefully indeed and if we don't feel like we can proceed, then we won't."