Aldi is launching a brand new Easter meal plan for kids as free schools meal vouchers were announced for children over the Easter holidays.

The meal plan will cost £15 and includes three meals per day for five days per week - working out at just £1 per meal.

The plan, developed by leading nutritionist Lily Soutter, has been designed to cost the same value of a National Free School Meal Plan.

The move comes as as new research commissioned by the supermarket reveals a third of parents are in need of inspiration when it comes to meal planning - and one in four feel it costs more to make healthy options.

The ‘Brain Booster’ and ‘Veggie Variety’ meal plans cost £15 and feature 15 meals each - 11 more meals than the average parent currently makes with a budget of £15 per child, according to 1,000 UK parents surveyed.

One in four parents said they don’t have the time to plan, with work and home-schooling, and as a result, are making the same lunch every day.

What’s more, almost half (46%) say they sometimes give up altogether and let their child choose what to eat to make life easier.

This has led to some interesting food concoctions, including one admitting to banana and crisp sandwiches being on the menu and others indulging in fish fingers and custard.

One child insisted on hot dogs in buns with marshmallows and 13 respondents said their child had requested Weetabix with baked beans following the recent social media hype around the unusual combo.

Dorset Echo: The meal plan will cost £15 and includes three meals per day for five days per week. (Aldi)The meal plan will cost £15 and includes three meals per day for five days per week. (Aldi)

Lily Soutter said: “The colourful and quick meal plans we’ve created using Aldi’s vast offering aim to not only help money go further, but also provide great taste, quality and nutrition to keep kids on track.

“For example, it is important to nourish the brain with omega 3’s for concentration, memory and mood. The Brain Power Fish Cakes in the Brain Boosting meal plan is the perfect way to help with this.”

She added: “We know from the research that 1 in 4 parents would like to incorporate more veggies, so we were keen on a dedicated Veggie Variety plan.

“The ‘Jam Packed Pancakes’ are not only delicious, but they also provide two of our 5 a day, whilst the ‘Wild Forest Pizza’ is an easy way to pack in the greens.”

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “Aldi’s ethos is ‘access to good quality food should be a right, not a privilege’ - which is why we aim to provide the best possible quality and value to all our customers.

 “The meal plans are designed to provide quick and easy inspiration for time-poor parents, those stuck in an inspiration rut and for those looking to make their money go further whilst being assured their child is getting the nutrition they need thanks to Lily’s expertise and seal of approval.”

The £15 meal plans which include shopping lists and nutritional hints and tips are available on Aldi’s website.