Aldi and Lidl have revealed a range of items hitting the shelves in the middle aisles of their stores this weekend. 

From garden furniture to coffee machines, you'll be able to pick up a bargain from the supermarket chains on Sunday, April 11. 

We've rounded-up some of the highlights to look out for in each supermarket.


This week, Aldi are offering a range of garden furniter and garden care products offered at discount prices.

These include:

Dorset Echo: Grey & Cream Rattan Corner Sofa. (Aldi)Grey & Cream Rattan Corner Sofa. (Aldi)

Sit back and relax with friends and family on this comfy yet stylish Grey & Cream Rattan Corner Sofa. Rated five stars on the website this outdoor sofa is available for £249.99.

Dorset Echo: Electric Tiller. (Aldi)Electric Tiller. (Aldi)

If you've got a garden that's multi-purpose and you want to take extra pride in it, this Ferrex Electric Tiller will help you keep on top of it. The product has five star reviews on the Aldi website and is available online for £59.99.

Dorset Echo: Gardenline Square Fire Basket. (Aldi)Gardenline Square Fire Basket. (Aldi)

Enjoy the welcoming warmth of this fire pit in your garden. The Gardenline Square Fire Basket has already sold out online but will be available in store from April 11 for £24.99.

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If you want to spruce up your kitchen, Lidl has you covered with a range of kitchen equipment available in the middle of Lidl this week.

These include:

Dorset Echo: Breville 1.5L HotCup Hot Water Dispenser. (Lidl)Breville 1.5L HotCup Hot Water Dispenser. (Lidl)

The Breville 1.5L HotCup Hot Water Dispenser dispenses  boiling water in under 50 seconds at the touch of button. Its patented design means you only boil one cup at a time, helping to save time, money and energy. Available in Lidl for £34.99.

Dorset Echo: Salter Deep Fill Toastie Maker. (Lidl)Salter Deep Fill Toastie Maker. (Lidl)

XL cooking plates allow for deeper, extra filled toasties with larger slices of bread – this is Salter’s deepest filled sandwich maker. Available in Lidl for £17.99.

Dorset Echo: Tassimo Happy Single Serve Coffee Machine. (Lidl)Tassimo Happy Single Serve Coffee Machine. (Lidl)

Tassimo Intellibrew knows the exact brewing time, drink size and temperature using a drink scanner. With an RRP of £99.99 the Tassimo Happy Single Serve Coffee Machine is available in Lidl for £39.99.

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