Budget supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl have revealed a range of products hitting the middle aisles of their stores this Bank Holiday Weekend for customers searching for a bargain. 

As people enjoy the long weekend as lockdown restrictions ease across the UK may will be entertaining friends and family.

You'll be able to spruce up your garden with boths Aldi and Lidl releasing a range of outdoor products.

We've rounded-up some of the highlights to look out for in each supermarket.


If you are entertaining guests this weekend, Aldi has you covered. This week, Aldi are offering a range of garden items offered at discount prices.

These include:

Dorset Echo: Black Square Terrazzo Plant Pot. (Aldi)Black Square Terrazzo Plant Pot. (Aldi)

Add some serious style to your garden with this Terrazzo pattern pot by Gardenline. This frost-resistant pot with a colourfast polished surface is available at Aldi for £16.99 from this weekend.

Dorset Echo: Grey Round Terrazzo Plant Pot. (Aldi)Grey Round Terrazzo Plant Pot. (Aldi)

Display your plants and bulbs in style with this Grey Round Terrazzo Plant Pot. This frost-resistant pot with a colourfast polished surface is perfect for adding a point of interest to any garden. With a drainage hole included in the base, and in a stylish round design, your garden will be looking fabulous in no time. Available in Aldi for £16.99.

Dorset Echo: Two Direction Wooden Decking Tiles. (Aldi)Two Direction Wooden Decking Tiles. (Aldi)

Bring your garden to life and add a new area with these fabulous wooden decking tiles. Available in Aldi for £19.99 each.

Find more deals at Aldi.co.uk.


Lidl is also concentrating on the garden this week as part of a 10-week Garden Event. 

These include:

Dorset Echo: Playtive Wooden Play House. (Lidl)Playtive Wooden Play House. (Lidl)

This fun play house made from sustainably sourced wood is sure to become the home of endless adventures. Available in Lidl for £149.00.

Dorset Echo: Nitro Mini Double Ramp. (Lidl)Nitro Mini Double Ramp. (Lidl)

This transportable ramp is great for skateboarders, skaters, BMXers or even remote-controlled cars. Available in Lidl for £14.99.

Dorset Echo: Playtive Nest Swing. (Lidl)Playtive Nest Swing. (Lidl)

The comfy seat on the Playtive Nest Swing will help kids develop motor skills and a sense of balance. Available in the middle of Lidl for £29.99.

Find out more at Lidl.co.uk.