Folowing lockdown restrictions, demand for practical driving tests is the highest it's been in a long time.

There is a whopping 17 week wait for learner drivers, adding more pressure on passing first time.

The four month wait till be frustrating for learner drivers, particularly for those who have already been waiting months for lockdown to lift just to resume lessons. 

To help learner drivers, Peter Vardy has revealed 7 resources that learner drivers should be utilising in the four month wait for their test to maximise their chances of passing first time. 

#drivinginstructor TikTok 

Driving instructors have been taking to TikTok throughout the pandemic to share videos of driving test failures, show-me-tell-me questions and additional information for learner drivers.

The #drivinginstructor hashtag has 64.2M views and is a great resource to top up gaps in your driving knowledge during the wait for a test. 

Drivingtestsuccess is just one user giving bundles of advice over on TikTok. The driving instructor has a staggering 605K followers and a shared 6.6M likes on her helpful videos. 
Highway Code Online Games

You may have passed your theory, but the quizzes are still just as useful as they were when you were revising for your written driving test. 

Highway Code Test has an abundance of games to test your knowledge on road safety signs, the highway code and a mock theory test to refresh your knowledge before your practical. 
Show-me-tell-me questions at home

Get friends or family to ask you show-me-tell-me questions on their own car. The more prepared you are to answer them, the better chance you have answering them correctly on your driving test.

Private practice with memebers of your household if you can 

Not only can you resume normal driving lessons again, you can still take extra lessons with members of your household or support bubble.

The household member must be over 21 and have had their driving liense for 3 full years in order to teach you how to drive in their car. 
Driving routes near your local test centre will alos help you to get familiar with any tricky roads, so when the time comes to drive with an examiner, you know the route well.

Watch Youtube tutorials to strengthen your driving knowledge

Much like TikTok, YouTube has an abundance of in-depth, helpful videos from driving instructors and examiners.

A simple search for something you're struggling with on your lessons (for example, parallel parking) can land you on a tutorial that heps you get to grips with it so you don't struggle on your test. 

Highway Code Revision & Driving Essential Skills Book
Your highway code book will continue to be a useful tool, even after your theory and practical tests. It's essential to know the rules included from front to back cover so you're prepared for every scenario on your driving test. 
Driving Apps
Mobile App stores carry an abundance of useful tests and games for young drivers. From practice theory tests to simulation apps to help you get ton grips with tracky manoeurvres. There's even a few apps that will alert you when there's been a driving test cancellation in your local centre, so you can book in earlier than expected. 

Peter Vardy also spoke to Crispin Moger, CEO of learner driver insurers Marmalade, who offer a quick tip on how to get test ready if you can't find a driving instructor with availability before your driving test.

Moger said: "Get to know how a car works. Part of the driving test will check your ability to maintain a car, so start getting used to where the oil is and how to check it, how to gauge your tyre's tread, where engine coolant and screen-wash goes.

"Can you name what the warning lights mean on the dashboard?"