Budget supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl have revealed a range of products hitting the middle aisles of their stores this weekend for customers searching for a bargain. 

As people enjoy the a break weekend as lockdown restrictions ease across the UK may will be entertaining friends and family.

You'll be able to spruce up your garden with garden items at Aldi or finish those odd jobs you have around the house with Lidl offering a range of DIY tools.

We've rounded-up some of the highlights to look out for in each supermarket.


If you are entertaining guests this weekend, Aldi has you covered. This week, Aldi are offering a range of garden items offered at discount prices.

These include:

Dorset Echo: Natural Wooden Wishing Well Planter. (Aldi)Natural Wooden Wishing Well Planter. (Aldi)


Add an attractive highlight to your garden or patio with this fun planter by Gardenline. Available online and in-store for £24.99. 

Dorset Echo: Scheppach Petrol Pressure Washer. (Aldi)Scheppach Petrol Pressure Washer. (Aldi)


This Scheppach Petrol Pressure Washer will help keep your home and garden looking tip top! This online exclusive product has five star reviews on Aldi's website and includes five different nozzles. Available for £199.99. 

Dorset Echo: Ferrex Electric Grass Trimmer. (Aldi)Ferrex Electric Grass Trimmer. (Aldi)


The Ferrex Electric Grass Trimmer will help you keep the grass in perfect condition. It comes with a 10 metre cable making it easy to reach all areas in your garden, available for £23.99.

Find more deals at Aldi.co.uk.


Lidl is focusing on DIY tools this week helping you finish the odd job around the house. 

These include:

Dorset Echo: arkside Angle Grinder. (Lidl)arkside Angle Grinder. (Lidl)

With variable rotaion speed and robust die-cast aluminium gear housing with 3-position front handle the Parkside Angle Grinder is available in Lidl for £19.99.

Dorset Echo: Parkside Jigsaw. (Lidl)Parkside Jigsaw. (Lidl)


With fast sawing and optimal curve creation with 3-stage pendulum action the Parkside Jigsaw includes 4 high-quality saw blades. Available in Lidl for £29.99.

Dorset Echo: Parkside Hot Glue Gun. (Lidl)Parkside Hot Glue Gun. (Lidl)


Great for bonding and sealing as well as craft projects the Parkside Hot Glue Gun is available at Lidl for £7.99.

Find out more at Lidl.co.uk.