Warning! This story may be a distressing read for approximately 50% of the UK population. 

A man from the UK has become the first in the world to break his penis vertically.

Luckily for men across the Britain, and the world, this injury is very uncommon.

Despite numerous horizontal fractures, medics who treated this unfortunate soul believe it is the first vertical fracture in the world.

Although there are no bones found in the penis, it can still ‘break’ if the organ is suddenly bent.

A report from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) said the 40-year-old member “buckled against his partner's perineum” and suffered an eye-watering 3cm tear at its base.

According to the BMJ, such injuries are most common in men in their 40s who usually describe a ‘popping’ sensation and immediate swelling.

Although this red-faced Romeo described no popping sensation and a gradual increase in swelling before he sought medical assistance, which differs to the more common horizontal tear.

The unfortunate lover was recommended a penile MRI scan to get to the root of the issue.

The BMJ report said: “Based on this case, it would appear that a vertical fracture is not associated with the classical features of a penile fracture, namely immediate detumescence, a ‘popping' sensation, gross ecchymosis and a palpable rolling defect.

“In terms of long-term outcomes, we will compare this patient’s recovery to that of the literature.”

Luckily, six months after the injury the victim is said to be firing on all cylinders.

It added: “Reassuringly however, this patient was able to resume sexual activity within 6 months of the injury, achieving erections of the same quality to those prior to the injury, denying any penile curvature or significant palpable scarring.”