Good Morning Britain has come under fire from ITV viewers for their coverage of Storm Eunice.

Millions of people have been urged to stay at home for the day, as one of the worst storms in a generation hits the UK.

Schools, roads and businesses have shut, with major disruption to the travel network due to concerns over flying debris caused by gusts of up to 90mph because of Storm Eunice.

Homes have been left without power, while the Met Office issued two ultra rare “red” weather warnings – from 7am until midday along the coastline of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset as well as the south coast of Wales, and from 10am until 3pm over the East of England and London – due to the combination of high tides, strong winds and storm surge.

Coverage of the storm dominated Friday morning’s instalment of the breakfast show with presenters seemingly ignoring Met Office weather warnings.

Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway introduced presenters near the coast as weather reporters described the situation.

One reporters said: "Real worry is this high wind as well, flying debris is the thing that may cause risk to life.

"At holiday homes, where static caravans are common, people are concerned they could be blown over in the wind.

"It is quiet here in Devon - every school is closed, people are told to stay at home, because of this wind which is getting stronger and stronger all the time."

ITV viewers slam Good Morning Britain

The scenes sparked debate on social media as viewers questioned the decision to send reporters to dangerous areas.

One viewer asked: "Why do they send reporters out to the coast and riversides when they are clearly scared for their lives?"

“Sorry @GMB but there is clear warning about the weather and you put your news reporter @lornashaddick and the camera crew in possible danger to get a story let’s hope she and the camera crew stay safe while everyone @GMB are nice and warm in the studio,” said another.

Another viewer agreed: “Those were my thoughts exactly! Red weather warning, threat to life, so let’s put our reporter and camera man in danger!”

A fourth asked: "Why do they send reporters to dangerous coastal areas when they are telling people to stay in and not to travel?"

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV1.