Dragons' Den fans rave about the heated desk which solves the Thermostat war at work.

Christchurch-based Ökoform founder Peter Waine spent over 15 years working in the commercial office and interior design industry where I identified the problem.

Mr Waine pitched the self-heated desks that he has adapted for remote working as well as for shared offices. 

On its website, the entrepreneur said the desks mean that "fighting over the thermostat will be a thing of the past."

Following his pitch, Dragon Sara Davies: "I love it when people solve a real genuine problem."

And viewers rushed to social media to agree with many sharing their thoughts on Twitter. 


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One fan wrote: "This guy the open-plan office God?"

A second user said: "Please sell this to my employer. Always freezing in my office but some moaning too hot!"

While a third added: "Heated desk? yes please!!! i always got ice cold hands!!"

Sadly the Dragons didn't agree, the investors raised concerns over the mediocre margins and its lack of marketing strategy.

Howerver, we're still impressed and you can shop all the desks via the Ökoform website.

Dragons Den airs on Thursday at 8pm on BBC One.