Brits who are considering taking out insurance have been issued a £1000 warning by a charity shopping platform. 

Anyone considering signing up for an insurance plan could give a charity of their choice £1000 without spending a penny themselves, according to easyfundraising. 

Many good causes are going without the influx of cash simply because some Brits don't know about the 'handy hack', the easyfundraising expert has warned. 

Here's what you need to know about making your insurance plan go that much further. 

Dorset Echo:, MoneySuperMarket, Co-op, Aviva all involved in the insurance scheme for charities with easyfundraising. ( Getty Images), MoneySuperMarket, Co-op, Aviva all involved in the insurance scheme for charities with easyfundraising. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

Brits could give charities £1000 by taking out insurance without paying any more

Insurance websites and MoneySuperMarket are both giving away up to £1,000 for free to a good cause of your choice if you take out a plan.

The plan needs to be taken out via the easyfundraising website.

People should consider taking out life insurance through the platform to ensure their preferred charitable organisation gets some extra money - whilst costing them nothing more at all, James Moir, the CEO of easyfundraising, commented.

James added: “Charities are missing out on free cash from consumers buying life insurance without using the easyfundraising shopping platform.

“£1,000 is a lot of money to a good cause who needs to help people through the cost-of-living crisis or provide other extra support to those who might be in need.

“For something as important as life insurance, we would urge those considering taking out a plan to do so through our website.”

The arrangement isn't just for life insurance either, other types of insurance plans also trigger a payment to a good cause.

Car insurance brands such as Go.Compare and CompareTheMarket are offering a £17.50 and £12.50 donation to charity respectively.

Meanwhile, home insurance companies such as John Lewis and AA are both giving away £20 to a charity if you take out a plan with them using the platform.

He continued: “You may not be wanting to take out life insurance and are looking instead for car insurance or protection for your home through home insurance.

“Whatever insurance you want, if you do it through the easyfundraising website, that provider will donate a sum of cash to a good cause that you choose.

“This is the brilliant thing about our charity shopping platform.

"You get your life, home, or car insurance, and you are not charged a penny extra for a donation to a good cause. You get what you want and a charity is rewarded.”