The character of Tommy Orpington is set to return to Coronation Street very soon for an affair storyline with Tracy Barlow.

Matt Milburn will reprise his role as Tommy, who he has played intermittently since 2016, and will return to the ITV soap to spark a romance with Tracy, played by Kate Ford.

The character of Tommy Orpington is an ex-footballer who used to play for Weatherfield County, and is set to be employed by Tracy to decorate her house.

However, the chemistry between them is apparent early on which leads to Tommy leaning in for a kiss.

Millburn 'over the moon' to return to Coronation Street

Discussing his return to the ITV soap Millburn said: “I was absolutely thrilled and over the moon, because it’s something I’ve wanted for years.

“I’ve played Tommy intermittently since 2016 so to be told that I was going to be coming back and given something far more substantial, I was delighted.

“Tommy is the perfect character for me to play because I love football and he’s a famous northern footballer. It’s great to be back.”

On Tommy’s instant attraction to Tracy, Matt added: “I think he likes her sparky nature, her quick retorts and her banter is very sharp.

“He likes being kept on his toes. She’s not an easy target in many ways.

“I just think that they seem to have this chemistry between them that none of them see coming.”

Speaking to Digital Spy Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod teased that Tommy's return will cause drama among some Weatherfield residents.

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He said: "A story evolves where this attractive, historically successful man arrives into one of our female character's lives and upsets the apple cart in fairly spectacular fashion.

"It's very funny. It's potentially quite sad in certain places. It triggers something really big for us over the next 12 months, a big new direction for some characters — so yeah, Tommy Orpington will finally be coming off the subs' bench."

Tommy Orpington last appeared on Coronation Street for the 2023 Christmas Day episode, where he was served by Tracy at the flower shop while in search of a last-minute gift.

Coronation Street is available to watch on ITV1 and ITVX.