ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB) studio was left in shock this morning, April 1, after presenters witnessed a pearl necklace believed to be owned by Marilyn Monroe break.

In the entertainment section hosted by Celebrity Big Brother star, Zeze Millz, the group were chatting about a collection of jewellery once ‘owned’ by the Hollywood legend going up for auction.

One of the big sellers was a real pearl necklace once worn by Monroe seeing presenter Charlotte Hawkins try the jewellery on so she could have her "Marilyn moment".

But, GMB took a sudden turn when the priceless item broke and fell off Hawkin's neck after a timely comment from host Richard Madeley sharing: “Wouldn’t it be awful if they unthreaded?”

To which Hawkins replied: “Richard, you made that happen” as she held the remains of the pearl necklace.

The GMB studio quickly fell silent as the presenters looked at each other in stun and concern.

However, not everything was as it seemed as GMB presenter Marverine Cole said: “We do have some breaking news. Just to inform you that the pearl necklace we've had in the studio, you won't be surprised to know, is completely worthless.”

Revealing to viewers at home that the ordeal was in fact an April Fools Day prank and that the necklace had never actually belonged to Marilyn Monroe.


Many viewers felt for the April Fools prank as some took to X, formally Twitter, to share their reactions.

As one said: “I was shocked when that happened that would have been a good TV moment if that necklace was real.”

Another added: “My heart was actually racing. Hand over face. Poor Charlotte. Thank god April fool prank.”