While the UK is on lockdown, there aren't many reasons to leave the house and jump in your car.

But if you do need to make a journey, make sure you don't get caught out by parking your car somewhere you shouldn't.

A team of experts from LeaseCar.uk have compiled a list of banned parking spots, so drivers can stay on the right side of the law.

Cycle lanes and taxi bays are just some of the spots where you can't park your car.

Six places where it's illegal to park your car

1. Double yellow lines

2. Yellow zig-zag lines

3. Double red lines

4. Clearway

5. Taxi bays

6. Cycle lane

The list could be expanded to pavement parking too with a government consultation set to open soon.

With the exception of London - where a ban already exists - only lorries are currently prevented from pavement parking.

However, the Commons' transport committee heard last month that the worst cases of pavement parking were effectively trapping disabled, elderly and vulnerable people, making them "afraid to leave their homes".