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This week James Sullivan think about why we all celebrate Christmas.

Let's begin with a very important question for this time of the year, what does Christmas mean to you? Is it time for joy, excitement, love or even presents? Or perhaps it is a time of tradition, religion and spirituality? 

To me, it is a special time of year where everyone can be merry and connect with the people in their lives through love. 

Traditionally, December 25 is believed to be the date Jesus Christ was born in Nazareth and throughout history, Christians have observed it as a religious holiday to celebrate and commemorate his birth. 

Christmas is celebrated by billions of people around the world and today, many people of many different beliefs, not just Christians, observe the yearly festivities. 

In my opinion, in the UK, generally people have two different reasons that they chose to celebrate Christmas. 

The first remains the Christian holiday involving Midnight Mass, carol services and other traditions.

The second is to see Christmas as a time to reunite with family and friends and celebrate the joys of togetherness.

Personally, I perceive Christmas as a time of joy and being with the people you love, but perhaps others will disagree with me.

Whatever your reason to celebrate, I think the meaning of Christmas is what you make it – it is up to you to make up your own mind up and celebrate Christmas how you want. 

By James Sullivan