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This week Oliver walks us through the ins and outs of the Cabinet reshuffle. 

Once more, Number 10 graces the national headlines with Theresa May’s ambitious New Year’s resolution to assume authority once more over the Conservative Party, with a cabinet reshuffle.

In line with the rest of Britain, said New Year’s resolution went to waste quicker than my gym membership.

Amongst those who aren’t moving is the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

When requested to become the business secretary, Hunt successfully stood his ground, retaining his place in health, becoming secretary for health and social care.

Questions were raised of the addition of ‘social care’ to his portfolio – where was inferred the change was merely cosmetic.

Additionally, Justine Greening, the education secretary quit the government entirely after refusing a job as work and pensions secretary.

Ms Greening declared school standards were rising in a series of tweets on January 6 intending to keep her spot in the cabinet.

The reshuffle has been described as “a pointless and lacklustre PR exercise” by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg said the reshuffle didn’t go “entirely to script.” 

This is thanks to the fact that from the three ministers May wished to move, one resigned, one refused to move and as a result, one was not moved.

The attempt by May to regain control of her ministers has been subject to ridicule, with her own MPs deeming the event ‘embarrassing’.

This week has resulted in an intense series of trials and tribulations for Conservative supporters.

In other news, Larry the cat retains his role as chief mouser at Downing Street and seems secure in holding his position until the next general election.

By Oliver Streather-Paul