This is a letter of West Dorset GP support for the pathology laboratory at Dorset County Hospital.

The service we have had in recent years from our local hospital has been excellent.

The innovation of electronic reporting means we can receive a result in the late afternoon from a sample taken in the morning.

This is great for patient care. There is no intention from local GPs to destabilise or undermine our local service by forcing competition and making a market where none is needed. Similarly we value the continued protection of our local hospitals in Dorchester, Weymouth, Portland, Sherborne and Bridport.

We note the recent Commonwealth Fund report ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ which confirmed the NHS’s top ranking for effectiveness and cost when compared with profit driven and fragmented systems such as the US. So in this spirit we support the NHS, publicly owned and publicly delivered.

Dr J Orrell

Royal Crescent Surgery


(Also signed by a further 23 doctors from the area)