I’D LIKE to say thank you to our local NHS and care services.

My husband Cyril (Sid) Townsend passed away recently and they went above and beyond with the care and respect he received during his short illness.

My appreciation specifically goes to Dr Millar, Nicky Granger, Gina Allen and the District Nurses of the Bridport medical centre. The staff from A&E, Illchester and Barnes wards, especially Sister Mandy and the ambulance crew at Dorset County Hospital.

I would also like to say how grateful I am to the staff at Agincare Bridport and the Marie Curie nurses who gave Sid and our family so much care, compassion and support.

at such a difficult time.and helped us face what was to come.

All of these services play a vital role in our lives at some point and people don’t thank or appreciate them enough, so it is with the greatest respect for the jobs they do, I thank them all.

Doreen Townsend Bridport