I WAS incensed when I read your report of Sir Vince Cable’s speech reported in the Dorset Echo.

To say that we had not actually encountered any migrants I find insulting, and to even say that it was the pensioners fault for the Brexit vote is beyond belief.

I think it is high time that he woke up and smelled the coffee, and started living in the real world where the rest of us live instead of in his ivory tower looking at the European Union through his rose-tinted glasses.

When we joined the European Economic Community it was a trading place, where we had butter mountains, wine lakes and milk lakes, to preserve the European farmers.

At the time little consideration was given to the British farmers and fishermen, it was all about Europe.

Now it seems to be called the European Union, how much longer would it have been before it became the Federal States Of Europe?

As for us not having encountered any migrants, I find that derogatory as we now live in a multi-cultural society, where people are accepted for what they are and live in our communities alongside us going about the lives.

I feel that Sir Vince Cable should issue a public apology for making such an insulting statement, implying that we are small-minded and bigoted .