I’M going to have a rant about bonfires.

Okay, I understand the odd one every so often, but what really grinds my gears is having to put up with one particular person having one every blimmin’ night for a week. Why? A beautiful summers evening, window and doors wide open, enjoying the nice warm summer breeze then bam! in comes the smoke. Doors and windows get closed, house then stinking of burning wood, kids getting upset because it’s too hot upstairs.

Why have one every night of the week? Why can’t you just save it all up and take it to the tip (save the environment and all that) instead of burning it all for hours every day?

I think there should be a law against bonfires. In every possible case, it should be taken to the tip. If that really isn’t an option, buy some bags and put it out with your general rubbish (I’m sure you can do that) And if that isn’t an option then bonfires should be restricted to the winter where you are permitted to have one after 8pm.

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