IT WAS with interest, curiosity and confusion that I read the article in Tuesday, July 25 edition of the Echo about the savings from the withdrawal of the facilities in providing free use of deckchairs for residents over 60 years old.

My curiosity lead me to obtaining one of these permits from the council offices.

I approached the reception expecting to fill out forms and have photos taken along with having to provide reams of papers which would be photocopied and retained as evidence of my entitlement but no, this was not the case.

I was asked for means of identification, I produced my driver’s licence.

The lady behind the counter got a permit which is similar to a business card on which she wrote my name copied from my licence and handed me the card and my licence advising me to present it along with my licence or bus pass to the attendants on the esplanade.

No record of the documentation was taken, the permit does not have a serial number or expiry date so, I assume, does not require to be renewed.

So councillors, apart from the cost of printing these business card type permits which I would estimate would be below £50 for a few hundred and the memo to Beach Control Offices and reception staff with the possible inclusion in staff training, where are the mammoth savings that would have been realised had/should the scheme be withdrawn?

I do wonder how the finance teams and councillors manage the council’s budgets, ‘Oh no’ they don’t hence the overspends.

Kevin Ayrton

Grangecroft Road, Portland