THE letter from Molly Scott Cato MEP was reasonable, humane, and asked for no more than the Leave campaign assured us was their policy.

Ron Howse’s response (July 25) was grossly intemperate. Few people come here “for our over generous benefits” which are mostly figments of the tabloids’ feverish imaginations. British benefits are actually rather less generous than those in most western European countries, and much less generous than in some.

Mr Howse liberally grants that “many” EU citizens have settled here “in good faith”, but seemingly still wants to treat them all on the same basis as his sweepingly unquantified “pick-pockets, card machine and other scammers”.

Much has been made recently of the British values of fairness and humanity. Mr Howse consciously rules himself out, rather urging an apparent policy of national dishonesty, injustice and inhumanity.

Barry Tempest

Romulus Close, Dorchester