I WOULD like to congratulate Paul Hay in donating his prize money from Weymouth BID to help the bus shelter for the homeless, which is indeed a very worthwhile cause which I have supported right from the start.

There has been a lot of thought and work gone towards this project, also a local firm renovated the inside the bus free of charge.

A friend of mine who lives on Portland, where the bus is at the moment had one word only to describe the inside of the bus, beautiful.

Emily and her partner have worked very hard on this project to help people in need, with no help at all from our council, I can only hope that if someone has a piece of land this bus can go on they will come forward and help Emily and Eddie in this charitable cause.

It’s nice to know in this world today there are people trying to help the homeless and not penalise them.


Wyke Regis, Weymouth