I owe a deep gratitude to Dr Jon Orrell as many years ago he discovered a lump in my breast. As well as telephoning me he made sure I was taken into Weymouth Hospital within a few days.

The lump, I am glad to say, was benign, and I have never forgotten his kindness and concern, which brings me to his very interesting letter in last Friday’s Echo.

He says the choice is whether to ignore the growing issues facing our town (rough sleeping and intoxicated behaviour) or act to smooth the path to recovery?

My attitude to life is: If something is wrong let’s try to put it right. In other words, smooth the path and go forward and not backwards. It’s a great pity that borough council do not seem to have the same idea.

We already know about the bus shelter which I keep harping on about and will keep doing so as I support the project.

As regards the intoxication, I let the council off this prob- lem ) Where are the police when the pubs and clubs turn out?

I know there are cuts, which I don’t agree with, but they are needed then.

Where are the promised fairy lights, to welcome tourists and holidaymakers to our town?

Where are decent toilets and not portable ones?

Where is the tourism inquiry office?

I see my old friend Ray Banham had a letter in Saturday’s Echo.

Now there’s a man that gets himself talking to visitors and hearing their views on Weymouth which from what I gather has not been good, for example, car park charges, lack of toilets, lack of flowers, What a good idea for shops to have hanging baskets with lovely flowers.

Mr Banham should be on the borough council, he’s the sort of man that would take Weymouth forward not backwards.

April Lee

Wyke Regis, Weymouth