SO, YOU are an elderly or disabled or otherwise villager who does not have your own transport living on what was the 212 bus route which you have relied on for years.

You have always paid your dues to the government etc.

How does it feel when your only means of getting in to Dorchester, Yeovil or the other villages en route is taken away?

How does it feel to have to rely on the goodwill of others to deal with your basic needs such as food shopping, surgery visits and the like?

How does it feel when you have to request transport in advance and then pay for the privilege when you have been issued with a free bus pass?

So you use this facility and pay the return fare of £10 for a couple and you arrive in Dorchester and there are buses to and from to Poundbury and Weymouth, some every 10 minutes, on which pass holders are riding for free?

You also have the prospect of a couple of hours possibly to wait for your return home, in all winds and weathers,when your business is done.

Surely a reduction in the services in urban areas could be made in order to fund a service in rural areas if only on two or three days a week.

The people who make these critical decisions should put themselves in the position of those whom they serve.

Mary Whitty


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