WEYMOUTH councillors, hang your head in shame!

Looking back to archive Echo letters regarding the closure of Weymouth public toilets and reading the comments people made, how true they were.

This Sunday my family went to the beach for the day to have some fun for my great grandson’s birthday.

Obviously during a long day people needed to visit a toilet,but, where?

They are all closed!

One member of my family walked to Marks and Spencer and used their facilities, but for me, now disabled after a stroke I need a disabled toilet.

With help, I managed to get to Debenhams and used their one.

The temporary toilets installed at the Pavillion were far for me to walk, but, if I had of done, what would I have found, oh yes they were out of use because of a technical problem!

Not only that, water was pouring out of them so was the dirty sewerage.

I know this because when my son went to collect his car which was parked there, there was an elderly lady in distress, asking where there was a toilet she could use.

When he told her maybe at the ones we had used, she replied she just could not walk that far.

Now, for heavens sake, isn’t it our human right to have access to working facilities for human bodily need?

If they are broken down mend them, the water coming from the mobile toilets was/is a health issue and should be dealt with immediately.

Also parking a line of toilets at the far end of the beach means it can be far to much for some people to walk,why not have smaller mobile toilets placed along the front instead of cars parked there.

Do anything but do something!

Mrs S Ellis

Gatemore Road, Winfrith