MR KIRBY writes that we should “reclaim our streets” he is spot on!

It is high time that “our” streets were reclaimed from the tyranny of the motor car, imagine that... less pollution, less road deaths, less wastage of precious resources on unnecessary and pointless journeys.

What better example of reclaiming those streets than world class sporting events that attract thousands to stay in our area, fill hotels, B&Bs, and campsites at the end of what must already have been a difficult season.

Watching the athletes complete inspires others to get fit and potentially save money our beleaguered NHS can spend better.

It’s often hurled at the triathlon event that it benefits only Weymouth, not true, athletes come from right across the world, stay outside Weymouth, come to ride round the course frequently spending money in cafes, restaurants and pubs and I’m sure that the County Council, West Dorset, and Dorchester Town Councils benefit directly as well.

The exercise of “rights” can never be absolute, and one person’s rights frequently impinge on another’s, roads are often closed for church and commemorative events, seafood festivals, carnivals, protest and supportive marches and rightly so; even though that may occasionally cause inconvenience for me I applaud it.

In this instance roads are being closed for only a few hours (from early morning when quiet anyway) for most people affected.

The organisers promise to get it right this time, well, let’s give them a chance by not interfering with signs, not trying to insist on driving through roads that are legally closed, not blocking roads in anger at being denied entry to a particular area and by (having had ample notice) making alternative plans.

The organisers have said they will make arrangements for carers, and essential services, lets hope that people plan ahead, contact the organisers and proper arrangements can be made.

Rather than complaining about what may not even be a problem let’s all get behind this fabulous advert for this area and make it a success for many years to come.

David Lester

Syward Close, Dorchester