IN REPLY to the letter from David Lester ref the Ironman event.

The vast majority of local people have no problem and welcome properly, professionally organised events to the area.

This is apparent by the local news coverage of these and the lack of criticism of them.

Most of us (myself included) also recognise that when we take our vehicles on the roads we are also part of the traffic problem.

There aren’t complaints about the various carnivals, steam fairs and country shows.

They are accepted by those not attending as part of the life of the area and enjoyed by many thousands of the public who do .

However, last year’s Weymouth Ironman was not organised to an acceptable standard.

I believe that “tampering of signs smokescreen” has been totally discredited and it is accepted that the problems arose because Ironman failed to correctly implement the agreed Traffic Management Plan.

I also understand that they have a history of getting it wrong at other events.

The information they put out last year as regards Littlemoor Road is the same as this year, let’s hope they get it right and follow their own brief this time and don’t close it at the wrong end again.

Mr Lester most people just want to be able to go quietly about their business, people did plan their journeys, of course they got upset and argued when they took on board the information put out by Ironman, but Ironman’s team were in total ignorance of it and were obstructing access to roads that were supposed to be open.

They should be left in no doubt that this is their last chance (not one I would have given them), get wrong and they shouldn’t be allowed back in Dorset.

Howard Cogan

Portland Road, Wyke Regis