I WOULD just like to make some comments on the meetings for the installation of lights on the Esplanade in Weymouth.

The meeting we attended didn’t really give us much faith in the way they were run as to finding out which type of lights which may be most popular.

For a start there were a number of pictures of different types of lights which we were meant choose the best three in order, most of which looked completely unsuitable for what was required.

We then spoke to one of the people running this and asked why no pictures of fairy type lights were pictured, and the reply they didn’t show a pictures of them as most people would pick them.

So what was the point of showing such a ridiculous choice of lights?

Is it that designers decide which are most appropriate and this then gets whittled down to three, which will then be shown at more meetings. Then a decision is made?

They are going through all this process even though they have stated that most people would like some type of fairy lights.

We also asked how much all this process would cost and light designers had no proper answer.

Surely if most people would like some sort of fairy lights couldn’t they just go to appropriate companies and get there opinions on best type of lights?

The could then give the work to the best company.

Then we might also have the lights done by next summer instead of 2019.

But no, let’s waste money and time on all the pointless meetings and fancy designers.

I wonder will the council use the same designers and council members who chose the laser lights to make the final decision? I guess so.

We need lights that will make a nice atmosphere in the evenings.

They also have to go with the Victorian setting. Let’s hope they can get this right.