Recently an application for solar panels has been refused by Dorset Council because they decided ‘it would look out of place and harmful to the AONB’.

Surely in this day and age we should be looking for greener and alternative sources of energy.

There are only three sources of green energy and possibly a fourth - they are solar, wind, tidal and possibly hydro and as we are an island country surely we, with our technology and innovative expertise, should be capable of harnessing these types of energy to produce enough for our needs.

If we were to pursue these forms of energy it would greatly reduce our dependency on energy from other countries, especially at this sad time with disputes in many countries including Ukraine.

Nuclear power does not hold the answer as the stations are very expensive to build and operate and they have a limited lifespan. They also provide possible terrorist targets and the disposal of nuclear waste simply burdens future generations with what exactly to do with the waste and this is not what we should be doing. Using the old phrase ‘out of sight out of mind’ is simply not good enough.

We should all encourage our MPs and Government to do much more along these lines to go greener and more environment friendly in our lives.

Douglas Beazer