THE late great Peter Alliss would have been pleased to learn that BCP Council are taking back the crazy golf course at Sandbanks and intend to run it themselves.

Cllr Mohan Iyengar portfolio holder for tourism appears to be in charge of this project but for some unknown reason was unable to provide any information.

Surely a decision to undertake such a scheme would have been made after careful budget appraisals but it would appear no numbers have been released.

Former council leader Vikki Slade, always good for a quote, is quite right in stating that full costings should be made known.

A spokesman for the council says that essential safety works are needed, not sure what that means this is crazy golf hardly a major danger activity.

I can imagine a working party from the council jetting off to Augusta next week on a fact finding exercise as to how best develop this facility.

Call me sceptic but how many years has it taken to get a grip on the railway in Poole Park?

We could be some time away from the opening of Royal Sandbanks so watch this space.


Catalina Drive, Poole