I CAN tell spring has arrived as myself and my granddaughter were confronted by a nudist at Hengistbury Head.

Isn’t it about time these exhibitionists were banned from this beautiful area of sea and dunes?

These people are a disgrace to our lovely area and are deviants.

Can BCP Council spend some money on giving then an area where they can all gather, instead of frightening children?

I would be interested on readers’ views on where this could be situated and at what cost?

BCP usually finds a grant for all their needs so, perhaps, this could be found.

I suggest this Easter you get your photographer down there, then perhaps they would not be so brazen.

Most European towns and seaside places have a nudist beach and maybe this would help BCP Council fulfill their wish to become a city! No, don’t laugh.


Stourwood Avenue, Bournemouth