Not all that long ago when the Russians first invaded Ukraine, many of us felt sorry for the ordinary Russian conscripts who were told that they were going on exercise, then a ‘special operation’ to ‘liberate’ innocent peaceful people from the ‘Nazi’ Ukrainian people.

We in the West all knew it was lying propaganda so did not blame the ordinary Russians or their blinded troops.

Instead we put it down to only Putin and his inner circle.

We even felt sorry for that young captured Russian soldier shakily clutching a hot drink amongst friendly Ukrainians.

Yet now, as the courageous Ukrainians push back the Russians from their once captured territory - we are witnessing the absolute, inhumane, criminal behaviour of Russians - especially their troops.

Russian marked tanks deliberately firing at or crushing civilians trying to escape by car or on foot. Even when their vehicles are clearly marked in Russian ‘Children Aboard!’

Mass murder, raping and looting let alone the complete destruction of civilian homes, including hospitals and places of civilian shelter.

No longer do I just blame Putin, all of their invading troops are equally guilty of these horrific crimes.

I heard reports today that the Russian troops were already prepared for this massacre upon Ukraine – they left carrying many body bags and plans for mass burials.

Russia has a history of cruel and unjust wars against its bordering nations: invaded Poland in 1920 and 1939.

Fortunately as with Ukraine today – defeated and forced back by ordinary brave people defending not only their land but their free will.

When Russian troops marched forward from Stalingrad to Berlin – they murdered and raped their way through just like they are still behaving in Ukraine today.