It's interesting to see the changes being made along the harbourside on Custom House Quay, which are in general being met with approval.

I’m delighted to say that, as I regularly partake of an early al fresco coffee there, I heartily concur.

Perhaps not so obvious are the underwater improvements which are also being made.

Local tug “Handfast” has been towing a dredge to increase the navigable depth for larger vessels to berth alongside the Peninsula wall.

I am told some 2m of sand has been cleared from the “bar”, which had formed around the seaward end, and tipped in the bay where it will regenerate the beach. Of more interest to local and visiting yachts will be the deepening of the channel under the bridge and alongside the waiting pontoon.

Recently I witnessed the unusual sight of Handfast passing through the bridge in both directions; the knowledgeable among your readers will see that she is displaying the “shapes” for a vessel restricted in its ability to manoeuvre!

The rather lengthy bridge lift may have caused some ire amongst motorists in a hurry, but the result will be appreciated by many mariners.

Martin Figg

Commercial Road, Weymouth